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02.04.2008, 04:26

My question has to do with managing routing throughout the survey (and keeping track of it). Once my participants consent to participating in my survey, I have the program randomly show one of the four possible stories to the participant. I have placed each of these stories in a separate page, and used the "random selection of survey pages" to achieve this outcome. After a participant reads one of these pages, s/he is redirected back to the survey questions to answer them according to the story they read about.

I need to know two things:
1- How do I keep track of what page was shown to the participant? Is there a variable that stores this information, or can I create one? How?

2- For two of these stories, a different instruction needs to be shown further down the road. To do that, I would need to know which story/page was shown to the participant and incorporate that information to the filter/logic. How can I do this?

Many many thanks :)
Banu Cingoz

02.04.2008, 09:52
Hi Banu,

to your 1st Question:
Yes there ist a variable, that is shown in the export it is the page id of the site.
to your 2nd Question:
There are different options, you can create pages which are one level under the random page. These pages are only shown if the random page is shown.
The other possibility is to work with the recoding trigger. There you have the option to recode variables and use this information later on in the questionnaire, e.g. for filter definitions.
An other option is, that you use a variable which is used at the random page for your filter definition.

Greetings Nicole

02.04.2008, 18:30
Hi Nicole,

Thanks a lot! I figured out about the page id after I posted to the forum, but I don't think I can use that information within the filters/triggers since no internal variable (such as v_00n) is assigned to merely viewing a page or a question type 998 which could then be used later in the survey routing.

I will definitely check out the recode trigger (I'm not entirely sure what it does and what I should be recoding). Using a variable wouldn't really work in my case, but worst case I'll copy my entire questionnaire 3 times and subsume them under the random conditions. It will be a little inefficient, but I know it'll work.

Thanks again!

02.04.2008, 18:53
OK, This is the last one, I promise :)

I think I found out a better way to do it, so I'll put it here just in case other people might need it.

Rather than using the "random selection of survey pages", it's better to use a "random trigger", assign it to a user-defined variable like c_001, and then use that variable for defining filters and other options further down the road.