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04.11.2008, 09:12
How can I match pairs of respondents? I have two questionnaires which are to be answered by two persons that are a pair - they each answer one of the questionnaires. I want to match their responses. How can I do that?

04.11.2008, 16:44

the first page of your questionnaire should contain a link to the project for the other partner including a description, that this link should be sent to the partner. The project for the partner should include a URL parameter which is used to deliver information from the first to the second Project.

Use the lfdn variable to be able to have a distinct assignment for every participant.

If you start the second project via http://www.unipark.de/uc/yourproject/?a=#lfdn# the lfdn can be exported for every participant of the second survey.

How to manage URL parameters is described in 3.8.11 URL-Parameter.