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07.01.2009, 17:10

I seem to be having trouble with the languge on the 'close window' and the 'next' buttons when I look at my survey through the preview. The survey has been written in English, which is also the default language but the buttons often come up in dutch.

So I have two points?

a) Is this going to happen when the survey goes live, which will confuse participants?

b) Can I change it?

Many thanks


07.01.2009, 18:54
Dear Rose,

I guess you did not changed the default message-set.

When you create a new survey, the default message-set is in the admin users language (german or english).

So, if you build up your questionnaire in english, you have to change the default messages within the survey main menue:

Left menue:
Change properties -> Survey messages

If you have access to some pre-defined sets, than you could use the drop-down Select text elements from message set library to change all messages at once. Otherwise change them by hand.

Label for Submit button: next
Label for Back button: back

and so on...



13.01.2009, 12:18
That worked,

Thank you very much.