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04.03.2009, 12:22
I have just activated our survey, but when I paste the URL into my brower I get directed to a page saying 'sorry you have already completed this survey'. I've had a friend check this from her computer and she gets the same message.

How can I fix this problem?

Many thanks

Rose Thompson

09.03.2009, 13:02
Hello Rose,

the message says, you have already finished the survey and cannot participate again, this is normal and used to prevent people from answering a survey several times.

You can "fix" this if you remove all cookies from your computer (or only those that have been set by Unipark), then you should be able to participate again. Cookies are used to identify participants and to check, if they already filled out a survey.
Otherwise, you can edit the survey settings and uncheck the box with the cookie settings (login options), but then ALL participants can answer the survey as often as they want to.

Best regards
Kristian Nix