Vollständige Version anzeigen : moving recoding triggers to another page

Mirta Galesic
20.05.2009, 18:27
We need to calculate a complex score based on participants' answers, and then display it to participants. To do this, we made a lot of recoding triggers on three pages.

Now we would like to move all triggers on just one page, otherwise the participants need to click through three empty pages to get the score.

Is there some way to do it without redoing all triggers again? Some quick way to move triggers "behind the scenes"?

My project ID is 181068, and the triggers are on pages 862583, 866452, and 866480.

I would be very grateful for your quick help. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

22.05.2009, 11:25
Hello Mirta,

sorry, but there is no way to copy triggers from one page to another.

Kind regards