Vollständige Version anzeigen : quota count is different then number of interview...

Dorian Litvine
26.06.2009, 15:44
hello !
If I look to the "quota statistics" of my project, then I can see a difference between "quota count" and "number of interviews which meet the quota condition" (see screen shot attached). This is true for some quota condition only, the other ones present a perfect concordance. Why ?

Thank you !!!

03.07.2009, 11:25
Hi Dorian,

could you tell me on which installation and project you are working so I can have a detailed look?


Dorian Litvine
06.07.2009, 14:27
Hello Stephanie,
Thank you for your answer. I think I found the answer : my DAC condition on the socio-eco variables was not working (I changed the 1st code of a single list to "1" instead of "0"). SO some people entered in the survey even if they were out of quota...
Thank you !