Vollständige Version anzeigen : can't get trigger to work properly

21.10.2009, 12:02

I have created a one-page survey where my participants can sign-up for one of my lab studies. They enter their names, email addresses and preferred times. In order to save time, I included a trigger that would send me an email every time somebody signs up.

What I wanted the trigger to do in addition to this is to include the actual responses of the participants in the email (so that I don't have to export every time). This I can't achieve for some reason. I had assumed the way to do that was to include the actual variable names with hash signs on either side (e.g., #v_2#) in the email text of the mail-template; however, this doesn't seem to work. On the other hand, the #ptitle# works just fine and it sends me the name of the questionnaire. Please help!

Just in case, the project id is 114631.

Many thanks,

21.10.2009, 14:53

I had a look at your project and it seems to be configured the right way. Please test it in Live mode (project status "active") because v_2 does not exist in the database when testing it in the preview. That is why it does not show up in the mail.


21.10.2009, 16:54
Dear Marc,

thank you very very much! I wanted to make sure that it was working properly before I activated it, so I never thought of activating it before testing!

Many thanks again,