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30.04.2010, 09:48
Hi guys,
I am a new user of unipark survey software and I would like to know few things about survey editor:

i) Is it possible to add a translation service to questions? That is, the survey will be lead in English but respondents are Italian (that should know very well english). But for some words it could be necessary. Is it possible?

ii) About pixel, which should be the better resolution for a survey? 800x600 or more?

Thanks in advance

04.05.2010, 10:03
Hello marx18,

you can use a multilingual survey and include Italian language into the survey, then you can let choose the participants at the beginning, which language they prefer. Please consult the regarding handbook chapter "14 Multilingual Survey Projects" for details.

The resolution should match the standard solution of most Windows computers, I estimate this should be 1024x768, but depends on the users themselves.