Vollständige Version anzeigen : Syntax error: UNKNOWN QUESTION NAME

20.10.2010, 12:41
Dear all,
We just moved an existing project to a new unipark installation using the project import function. Now, when trying to preview a report, we keep getting the attached error message (sorry for the german version):

"Ein Fehler ist im Bereich 'Fragen' aufgetreten. Frage 'q_2387900' ist unbekannt.
Syntax-Fehler: UNKNOWN QUESTION NAME q_2387900"

The full error message is attached.

Any help welcome - many thanks!!

20.10.2010, 12:45

a translation:

An error occurred in the area "questions". Question 'q_2387900' is unknown. Syntax-error: UNKNOWN QUESTION NAME q_2387900".

It means that the question mentioned is not available in the imported version. Maybe the number has been changed. So there is no matching criteria currently and so this message appears.