Vollständige Version anzeigen : How to take away the possibility to go "Back" in the browser?

05.11.2010, 15:32
I have I question I have not found answers on yet and is very important for my research.

I do not want my participants to the online survey to be able to press the "Back" button in the web- browser and then see the pages and question in the survey they already have answered on.

Under "Project properties" I have found that you can check the option that the participants cant be able to change their responses, but still I have noticed that they can go back in the browser to see the previous questions. And that is not good.

Can you please help me with this? Is it possible for the participants to NOT be able to go back in the browser?

Best regards//Angelica

05.11.2010, 18:34
Hi Angelica,

you can hide the browser navigation when starting the survey within a popup.
Though you can not open a pop-up window when the survey link is opened from an e-mail. A pop-up only can be opened when publishing the survey link on a website.

But even if the back button or the navigation bar is not shown, you still could right click the mouse and choose "back" from the context menu (or hit the back buton on the key board)

As you may see unfortunately you can not completely hide the back button or deactivate the functionality. There always will be one ore more other possibilities using this functionality.