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16.12.2010, 11:42
We are trying to translate an existing servey to a Hebrew language, please help us and reply to the next questions:
1. How can I recreate an enter code to start running the servey?
2. Is it possible to measure an exect time that take to a participant to finish every page?
3. In Hebrew we are writing from right to left. How can I move the first column in the matrix to the right side.
4. When we open the preview of the whole servey it stucks on the second question of SVS1. What are we doing wrong?

20.12.2010, 15:47

1. If you plan to test the survey, you can create a participant with status "tester" to complete the survey as often as you want. For creating new participant codes, you can use the dropdown in the participant administration.

2. An absolute timestamp ist recorded on the first survey page for every participant. Relative timestamps are being recorded for every page. If you substract the absolute timestamp from the relative timestamp, the results are the seconds that the participants needed for answering from the beginning to that page. Please have a look at the regarding chapter in the Manual.

3. If you replace to entry at the very top of the CSS file with the following code, the questionnaire will appear from right to left:

body,font,p,div,span,td,th,ul,ol,li,nobr,b,i,selec t,input,option,textarea,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,dt,dd {
font-family : Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif ;
color : #000000 ;
direction: rtl;

4. I don't see any problems viewing and answering your survey in the preview. How does it get stuck? Is the Continue button not appearing or can you see some sort of error message?


21.12.2010, 12:02
First of all thank you for your answer.

3.I tried to do what you suggested, but whithout success. I opened the css editor in the pro editor, than I opened "Edit whole CSS file", and replaced the first code with the code, that you gave me. Where is my mistake?

4.When I open the preview it's starting properly, but when it gets to the first question of PC_SVS-Werttypen randomisieren questionnaire jumps an error "Please answer all questions" even though I did answer all the questions above. The continue button is appearing, but not responding.

Thank you so much for all your help. Lihi

21.12.2010, 13:25

4. There is a plausibility check on every page after "PC_SVS-Werttypen randomisieren" which produces the error. In combination with question type 991, you must use the javascript plausibility check to make it work.

3. The project seems to be quite modified regarding the right-to-left direction. For instance, the "Willkommen" page is using html aligns and specific CSS classes to create a right-to-left direction. These customizations can interfere with the overall style information "direction : rtl" that you just added to the CSS file.

So, in general, you just need to insert the code from my last post to change an entire survey from "left-to-right" to "right-to-left". But, if there is an HTML code which is aligning a table cell "left", this can block the style information within the CSS file.


06.01.2011, 10:58
4. I changed all the plausibility checks after "PC_SVS-Werttypen randomisieren" to type "Client (JavaScript)", and it didn't fix the problrem. When i open the preview of this part it still shows me an error - "Please answer all questions", even though I did answer all the questions above. What's wrong?
Thank you.