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17.01.2011, 17:29

I've a problem with filters. I have a matrix-question (311) with 7 Items measured on 5-point scales.

If the maximum value that a participant selects across all items occurs more than once, the corresponding items should be presented again on the next page in a 111 question. E.g., if a participant assigns a "4" to two of the items, and this is the maximum value for all items, these 2 items should show up on the next page.

I tried using a dynamic list in which the answers from the first page are saved and then loaded into the second page. However, I'm unable to define a filter that identifies the maximum value within the 7 items, checks if this value exists more than once, and if so, shows the corresponding items on the next page. I assume I'd have to use LUA scripting?

It would be so great if somebody could help me there, I have a deadline tomorrow...

Thanks alot,