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04.04.2011, 19:08

I am currently collecting data from participants for 2 anonymus survey (ID 182007 and 182171) since 6 months now.

Since a few days, participants cannot answer anymore. A message appear and says «The maximum number of participants has been reached, please come back later.» (for ID 182007) and «The survey participants are now very numerous, you can access it yet. Please try again later.» (for ID 182171).

I tried to find where I can change the maximum number of participants but could not find it. Can you please tell me how to proceed?

If I reached a maximum participant (I think they call it active participant?) that cannot be increased, I can erase some data. That could be another option. If so, can you please tell me how to proceed?

Thank you in advance for your help,


12.04.2011, 17:08
Hi Amariec,

this was a know issue which existed for a few days, but should be resolved by now.
I'd appreciate if you could confirm wether that's true for you.