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11.07.2011, 23:19
-Project-ID(s): 234124
-Account name: dorian_litvine
-What is my request [short but precise description]: Dear all, scale options are in bold for question type 113, while there are "normal" for other similar types (111, 112) (see for exemple p. 1293624, q_id 2490482…). I would like them normal...
- What I did to help myself : I set "normal" for forms "answertext" and "answertext2" in the layout, but no changes…

thank you very much

19.07.2011, 12:11
Dear Le_doux,

does this problem still exist? Just asking, because I couldn't see any difference between the type 113 questions and the 111 ones on page 1293624.

22.07.2011, 14:43
Dear Jens,
Sorry, in fact things changed, but not according to my wills. Sometimes delay between modifications in layout options and real consequences may be long.

This project has changed (I did a copy to improve it), but my problem still remains the same. I would lilke to change the format of the "columns' title" in a "double matrix" (type 351) and when I change the fontcolor of form ".scaletitle" then this ONLY changes the scale options fontcolor (I don't want...)
(see project ID n°, page 1296694, question ID 2495769).

Thank you a lot for your help..

03.08.2011, 11:59
Hi Le_doux,

after changing layout settings, you may have to clear the browser cache before being able to see the changes in the survey preview.
This may be due to an older survey layout version being stored in the cache which then will be loaded instead of loading a newer survey version from the server.
Instead of cleaning the cache you as well could reload the page from the server by pressing <ctrl>+<F5> (This definitely works in Firefox, I'm not sure about Internet Explorer). This will not reload the page from the local cache but from the server directly.
Layout changes then should be visible immediately.

As you may see layout changes do not take long to be stored on the server or to be updated in the survey. This problem may come from your local cache which still has the older layout version stored.



03.08.2011, 18:06
Dear Stephanie,
Thanks for your reply. I'm used to use the F5 to refresh...
My problem is that I don't know which form I need to settle in order to change the format of the column names of question type 351. When I change form ".scaletitle", it changes answers of the closed response questions (113).

thank you !!!

15.08.2011, 13:45
Hi le_doux,

If you want to change certain elements within the layout, I'd propose you get Firebug (in case you use Firefox)

The second button at the top-left lets you scan each element of a website. This way you can determine the element's name easily.