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18.07.2011, 13:15
Dear unipark community,

-Project-ID(s): 234660
-Account name: dorian_litvine
-What is my request [short but precise description]: I would like to add a button on each page that brings the respondent to a last page before closing the survey (the button will have "ending survey" if the respondent wants to stop) (possible to overpass java problems? indeed can not ask my respondents to do manupalation on the java options.... ).
Thank you very much :)!!

- What I did to help myself : I looked to the info manual and did several search requests on the forum.

19.07.2011, 13:24
Hi Dorian,

that's possible by using Javascript, but unfortunately this is no supported feature of the Unipark software.

24.07.2011, 15:07
Dear Jens,
Is there any java code already available for this button conducting to another page?
Thank you very much

03.08.2011, 11:19
Hi Le Doux,

unfortunately there is no Java or Javascript code available to set up a button as described by you.
You only have the possibility to code this yourself (if you are familiar with JavaScript).

Another possibility would be to add the "cancel" button. You can add it in Layout >> Standard editor >> Form elements >> Show button to cancel the survey?
When clicking the button, the survey will be canceled and closed. Already given answers will be saved and when clicking the survey link again, the participant can go on from the last page sent/last page seen (this can be defined in the project properties: "Behavior on resumption").
Unfortunately it then is not possible to show a last page first before closing the survey.
Please refer to the manual chapter "4.5.6 Inserting a Cancel Button" to find further information about the cancel button.


04.08.2011, 16:58
Dear Stephanie,
I have a code for this "quit" button or a hyperlink. but I have new problems to solve now. Sorry for being long...

(1) I created another EFS survey (survey 2: project ID 237259) containing the "before ending page" (the "submit" button make respondent coming back to the first survey 1). I created a HTML question with an hyperlink (q_ID 2526583) directing directly to this survey 2. The survey 1 is personalized, and I set survey 2 as anonymous in order to avoid "code" problems in the URL.
BUt then How can I "link" respondent's answers in survey 1 and in survey 2 ?
(I tried to add #lfdn# in the hyperlink to survey 2, but when I export data, respondent's lfdn is different in survey 1 and 2. And "external_lfdn" is set at "0" in both export files. Can I integrate the respondent's code of survey 1 in the hyperlink to survey 2?)

(2) In order to avoid problems of linking the respondent's answer from survey 1 to 2, I created an external survey page that brings to survey 2. And I'm trying to make the hyperlink calling this external page. BUT (a) What form should have this URL in order to work? (I copied the URL of the external page that is seen for a respondent, I erased the sysid, sid, etc. But it is not working, message error. I tried doing "page-URL/?#code#" but it is not working...); (b) how to make this page visible only to those who click on the hyperlink "quit" (or button)? (May I create a user-defined variable that have a value when the hyperlink is clicked? Then I can use it to filter the "external survey page").

3) generate a pop-up window when he cilcks on "quit"? But I don't know if I can integrate questions and recover data...

Thank you very much.

05.08.2011, 15:50
Hi Dorian,

unfortunately I am not abel to follow the steps you described and I as well can not imagine what you want to achieve.
If the participants just shall stop the survey and shall be able to complete the survey later, you can add a "cancel button". The survey then will be closed but you are not able to ask them further questions.

You can add an external survey start to forward participants to a second survey. The answers from survey 1 and survey 2 then can be matched if you transfer the LFDN from survey 1 to survey 2 using URL parameter.

Though, you can not directly link to a special survey page as tere are no special links for each page. You can see this when previewing different survey pages. The URL in the browser does not change. There is not value "page_id" in the URL. You therefore can not directly jump to a specific page.

You can not integrate EFS Survey questions in a pop-up window. If you create questions yourself with HTML then the answers can not be stored in your EFS survey.

Unfortunately I can not imagine another option than using a page trigger or javascript to forward the user to the desired last page.

Kind Regards,

10.08.2011, 22:36
Dear Stephanie,
Thanl you a lot. It is my last message, sorry for insisting.

As I can not directly link to a special survey page, I can not bring the respondents directly to an "external survey start page", not with a button nor with a hyperlink. So last solution is to propose an hyperlink at the bottom of certain page linking to another anonymous EFS survey (composed with last questions). But then is that possible to integrate the LFDN in that hyperlink in order to recover it (and to have the same LFDN in survey 1 export and survey 2 export)?
If yes, how do you transfer the LFDN using URL parameter, I mean how do you write it down? I read the manual, and tried adding #lfdn# in the hyperlink linking to survey 2 BUT I can not recover the LFDN in survey 2 (when I export data from both surveys, respondents' lfdn are different in survey 1 and in survey 2)

ex : http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/etude_regionale_univ_mpt1/?#lfdn#

thank you for your help...

15.08.2011, 15:15
Hi le_doux,

in the first survey, you set up the link like this:

http:// -- insert the link to your survey -- /?a=#lfdn#

In the second survey you set up a URL-parameter, which will then store the lfdn from project 1.

When looking at your export you can match participants by comparing lfdn from project 1 with p_0001 from project 2.

16.08.2011, 18:46
Dear Jens,

Thank you for your answer. It does work ! The last thing is (1) in survey 2, when I click on "submit" of the only page of questions, it should go to a final page. BUT instead unipark displays "An internal application error has occured. The data transmitted by your browser is not valid and cannot be processed by the system. Please restart the survey.". (survey 1's ID=236447 ; click on "QUITTER" in the 3rd page ; survey 2's ID = 237259).
I don't understand what's wrong...

(2) if I go for the the URL solution (because unfortunately I can not propose to point to an "external survey start"), then answers on the last page of survey 1 will not be saved...

Anyway, I did a feedback about the need for such a "give-up" solution, other people may need it. Thank you !!


17.08.2011, 11:10
Dear le_doux,

if you change the return-link in the second survey to
it should work.

Regarding (2) I have to admit that I don't quite understand what you meant to say here. Please explain the problem a bit more detailed.

24.08.2011, 11:09
Dear Jens,
1) I tried to find "return-link" in the help manual, but I can not find it.
What do you mean by "change the return-link to http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/etude_regionale_univ_mpt1/ospe.php3?return_tic=#tic#".
Do you mean I need to change the survey2'URL to this expression? Or the URL I'm calling in the hyperlink in survey 1 ?
The survey 2's URL has to have at least an URL parameter "a=" to return the lfdn (currently the survey 2's URL is "http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/toure_Unive...ier_1/061b/?a= ")

2) The solution consisting in a button bringing respondents to an "external survey start page" (which link then to the other survey 2) is seemingly not possible according to Stephanie : "you can not directly link to a special survey page as there are no special links for each page". It is a pity !!

Then I'm expecting to integrate an URL on some pages saying "click here if you want to cancel the survey", and this URL brings to the survey 2 (and it works,thank you!). But with this solution, respondents will not click on "submit" (they will clik on the URL), then the answers of the page where the URL "cancel" is proposed will not been saved in EFS...

Do you have a tips or an idea ?

Thank you very much...

07.09.2011, 16:58
Hi Dorian,

I am not totally sure anymore, but I think what I meant to say was, if you go to the page properties of your ending page the link under "Destination URL of external survey" currently says http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/etude_regionale_univ_mpt1/ospe.php3?return_tic=n
change that to the link that I mentioned before and it should work.

09.09.2011, 11:35
Dear Jens,
Thank you for your answer. But I'm not using an external survey page, because I can not directly link to a special survey page (no special ID in the URL). So my last solution is to propose an hyperlink at the bottom of certain pages of "survey 1" (within a text format question), this URL links to another (anonymous) EFS survey ("survey 2").

But then in survey 2, when I click on "submit" button of the only page, it should go to a final page. BUT instead unipark displays "An internal application error has occured. The data transmitted by your browser is not valid and cannot be processed by the system. Please restart the survey.". (survey 1's ID=236447 ; click on "QUITTER" in page n°1306575; ID os survey 2 is 237259).

I tried to change the URL of survey 2 as you said (http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/etude_regio...turn_tic=#tic#) but this survey must have at least an URL parameter "a=" to return the lfdn (currently the survey 2's URL is "http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/toure_Unive...ier_1/061b/?a= ").

What should I do? Thank you !!!

20.09.2011, 15:40
Dear Dorian,

please go to your second questionnaire and change the link on the ending page to
because the way you have it set up now it will attach return tic and ospe.php3 two times which causes the application error.

Please try that and let's see if it works.

18.10.2011, 10:29
Dear Jens,
thank you. I tried to put this link into the "return link" but the message is still the same "An internal application error has occurred. The data transmitted by your browser is not valid and cannot be processed by the system. Please restart the survey.".
Sorry, but with this new link you gave to me, will the first survey's IFDN be reported in the export data of survey 2 (in variable p_0001) ? because the other link allowed this, but I could not try if your new link does this..

thank you again..

31.10.2011, 13:34
Dear Dorian,

you can use a Pagetrigger to send your participant to the ending page.
The problem with closing a window is, that this uses Javascript. Due to browser-sided security setting a window can only be closed by Javascript if it was opened by javascript aswell.
You could use an externally hosted page, which opens the survey via Javascript, then you would be able to close the window via a button.

But unfortunately all of this is so much custom programming, that I cannot help you any further with this.

31.10.2011, 14:53
Dear Dorian,

you cannot set up a URL parameter in a way that it forces the second survey to use the same lfdn as the first one.

What you can do is, you can set up the link in the first survey like that


and in the second survey you set up one URL parameter.

This way the lfdn from project 1 is being stored in the variable p_0001 of project 2 and you can thus match the participants.