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RMo 10.09.2012 09:18

Participant-dependent answering codes

In the experiment I´m planning there are two phases. In phase one participants can choose an answer and later have to remember which answer they have chosen. Hence, if an answer is right or wrong in phase two will depend on the selection the participant has made before - how can I code this? I´ve been trying to do this with placeholders and filters, but it didn´t work up to now. I hope I haven´t overlooked something in the manual or threads, thanks alot in advance!

Project-ID: 438949


JensL 10.09.2012 15:45

Hi RMo,

as far as I get it, the answer given in part two should be the same as the one in the first part, else it would be considered wrong?

This depends on different factors, such as which kind of questions is used, is it an open text field, or a question that delivers a code?

In some situations you would have to recode the first answer given into a user defined variable and then use a plausability check whick checks wether v_answer2 = #c_000answer1# is true. If this doesn't work you should try to use '#c_000answer1#' instead.


RMo 10.09.2012 16:14

Hi Jens,

thanks for your quick answer.

Participants are required to give a yes/no answer ("have you said something about xxx"). At the moment I included both, check boxes that give answer codes and open text fields (they choose a topic category and then write something down). In phase 2 I´ll ask them for the topic cateogory and not the specific answer content.


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