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JensL 17.04.2012 16:37

Combined export of adress and result data / detail view.
If you want to export the result data combined with the participant's adress data within a personalized survey, you need a special right which isn't available by default due to certain data security laws.

The detail view feature is protected by special rights due to data security laws and is thus not available by default.

Those rights for the detail view include:

Read access enables you to open the detail view and to look at the results of a certain participant. Here you can see several kiends of field data like the lfdn, disposition code, browser-informations and system variables like language, flip-variables, or quota.

Additional read-access to "ip_addresses" makes displaying the IP-adresses and host of the participant available.

Additional read-access to "export_with_lfdn" grants access to the combined export of adress and result data in personalized surveys. This means you will also get the participant's name, mailadress, code and tester status, along with their survey results.

In order to edit the results within the detail view, you will also need write-access to "detail_view_edit"

In case you should one or more of the aforementioned rights, please contact info@unipark.de and ask them to unlock the appropriate rights.

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