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nphillips 24.11.2011 10:31

Problems using page trigger and returning to past pages
I'm running a survey (well, technically a psychology experiment) where users will frequently return to past questions during the survey and will be given the option to provide new answers.

In one project I've set up a series of page triggers to allow for participants to move around to pages they want, but when they return to past pages the previous answer they gave (in a multiple choice question) is already filled in.

My question is: How can you keep participants' past answers from showing up when they return to pages with questions that they've answered in the past?

I've tried fixing this by recoding their past answers to be 999 when they return to an old question, but this doesn't fix the problem.

If someone wants to preview the test survey, check out http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/CDS/e0f1/

JensL 09.12.2011 15:27

Hi nphillips,

when you send a participant back to a page that has already been filled out earlier.

I don't quite get the sense behind what you are setting up, but you might want to use a copy of the question under a separate filter, or try recoding the according variable to 0 before sending the participant to the according question. This will however wipe out any answer given earlier. If you want to keep the answers given the first time, you will have to work with copies of your question and pagetriggers /filters.

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