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Yann 14.05.2012 08:00

External (EFS) Survey return problem
I am trying to use the External Survey Start Feature (http://ww3.unipark.de Project ID: 124764)
Following the External Survey documentation (V 1.0 2008), I was able to jump to another EFS Survey but I have trouble when jumping back to the primary survey.

The last messages in the secondary survey is: back and a login button are displayed.
The last page of secondary EFS survey is configured as follow:

Destination URL: http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/IST/d8a9/ospe.php?return_tic=n
Add ticket: activate
Use ticket for target: activate

Can anybody tell me where I did a mistake?

Many Thanks


PS: Is there any up to date version for the External Survey Start Manual?

JensL 14.05.2012 12:46

Dear Yann,

could you let me know where you have implemented the external survey start? I took a look at your questionnaire 124764 but was unable to find it.

Also I don't think that there's a newer Version of the external survey start manual, but as far as I know everything in there still applies.

Yann 14.05.2012 13:30

My primary test projet ID is 282119 and the secondary is 282393.
I was wondering about a new documentation because there are some slight modifications in the presentation of the special page properties for the External survey start.
Thank you for helping

Yann 21.05.2012 09:19

I was wondering if you could find any reason why I cannot jump back properly (and automatically) to my Primary Survey...

MY projects IDs are: 282119 (Primary) 282393 (Secondary)

Many Thanks !

Yann 23.05.2012 09:42

Hello everybody,
Sorry to insist but i am still trying to understand why I can’t jump back to my primary survey. I tried to follow the procedure step by step as described in the External Survey Start documentation but without success.

Here is my configuration:

Primary Survey (non –anonymous ID 282119)
External survey page (for the jump) configured like: destination URL of external survey http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/IST/f845/
Add ticked: O.K

Secondary Survey (anonymous ID 282393)
External survey page (for return) is: http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/IST/d8a9/ospe.php?return_tic=n
Add ticked: O.K

When trying to jump back at the end of the Secondary Survey, I got the following display: http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/IST/d8a9/ospe.php?return_tic=n

It looks like to me that EFS is not able to reopen automatically the Primary Survey with the right code. Do I have to pass more system variables (like #code#) between the two Surveys?
If yes, what should be the right format for the link?

At this point any help would be very appreciated
Many thanks !

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