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squarroz 18.02.2014 15:25

distance between the items

Could somebody help me to change the distance between the items with a 112 type question?

My problem is that I have my five items on two different lines (the last item is not on the same line).

I've already looked for an answer in the forum, in the manual, and in EFS and I can't find the solution.

Thanks if you can help!

JensL 19.02.2014 11:50

Dear squarroz,

please try the following steps:

1.) Navigate to layout -> pro-editorand open the user.css file
2.) Add this code:


.question.layout-horizontal .qtype ul li {
    width: 16.6%;

3.) Save

After this please check all your pages, because these changes might affect other questiontypes aswell.

If this doesn't yield the desired results, please provide the information requested by Kristian in the older post of this thread:




squarroz 19.02.2014 14:29

Thank you Jens for your answer, but the code didn't change anything to the project.
So I can give you the information you may need:

installation: ww3
ID: 379826 (Questionnaire SPEN)
It's in the page called "Page 4"
The 4 questions of type 112
The name of my account is "stquarro"
The name of my team is "IST_Lausanne"

The problem is that the five items of the scale are not in the same line, even if we use a wider computer screen...

Best regards


JensL 20.02.2014 15:47

Dear Stéphane,

please try this instead:


.question.layout-horizontal .qtype ul.body li {
    width: 20%;

Usually I would have tested it for you, but unfortunately I don't have the time available to so right now.



squarroz 20.02.2014 16:19

Thank you very much!
It worked!

Have a nice evening!


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