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Chantal11 20.03.2012 18:27

Briefly Flash Images?

I have consulted the manual and forum, and to no avail cannot find an answer to my question!

I am wondering if it is possible to briefly flash images using Unipark? I know that you can set any page to automatically advance after a maximum of 120 seconds...though is is possible to advance a page after less than 1 second?

Thank you,

JensL 11.04.2012 16:20

Hi Chantal,

your request was forwarded to me from info@

You can use the "Send page automatically" feature to submit the page after 0 senconds which will give the participant a brief flash of the image.

This can be done via Page -> Change page properties -> Page properties

If you need a more accurate solution you might have to resort to a custom Javascript programming which we can't help you with though.

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