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Dear adurand,

"#undefined#" is entered in any text element that is empty in the target language when changing the default language.
E.g. you change the default language from Englisch to French but in the French language some text elements (question titles, answer options etc.) are not translated yet. These empty fields will be filled with "#undefined#" as they do not have to be blank in the default language.

You should keep this in mind when changing the default language. To replace this text with the actual translation, you just can go back to the language editor >> text elements and translate the missing elements.
this behaviour is described in our EFS Survey manual in chapter "15.2.5 Setting the Active Default Language" >> grey box.

When wanting to translate your survey languages we suggest creating the survey in one desired language first and entering each and every text element that is needed.
Afterwards create further survey languages and export the .xls files to translate the languages.
Import the files back into EFS by using the languag editor again.
Please be aware that you do not have to change the default language to be able to import translations. If some translations are missing or incorrect, you can change them from within the Language editor >> Text elements. In there you can click on "view" and select all languages. Edit the corresponding pages that do not have been translated yet or that include incorrect/insufficient translations directly via this menu by clicking on "OK" or "Edit" next to the page and language.

The exported file indeed unfortunately does not include the scale options of question type "340". Though they still can be translated using the text element editor in the language editor.

When checking your project, I could see that it is a copy of another questionnaire and indeed still includes questions from the original questionnaire. You can find these questions in menu Questionaire editor >> Container questions. If you do not longer need these questions in the project copy, you simly can remove them in this menu.
Due to the fact that they still exist in the copy, they also will be included in the Excel file for translating the text elements. This is no bug.
You only may not have seen them in questionnaire editor as they are no normal questions but container questions.

Kind regards,
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