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email dispatch
hello, everyone


I have two problem in my project.
The first one is about laguage. my project is in German and korean, I have just installed laguage option. and both of laguage are input in the project. However, in the first page the respendents have to choose among korean or german. In this page is just only in german. How can I in this page both of language input?

In welche Sprache möchten Sie den Fragebogen beantworten? ( ?)

Deutsch() Koreanisch()

In (), the korean must be seen. but it is not working though I have input the Korean, save. but in the web the korean is not seen.

The second qustion is about collecting the email adress. my project originally anoym. But end of the qustionnaire, the respondent who want to get the amazon coupon can input the email adress. However I dont have to know which respondent reply any answer. I have to collect just email adress. How can I this install?
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