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Dear Stephanie,
I have a code for this "quit" button or a hyperlink. but I have new problems to solve now. Sorry for being long...

(1) I created another EFS survey (survey 2: project ID 237259) containing the "before ending page" (the "submit" button make respondent coming back to the first survey 1). I created a HTML question with an hyperlink (q_ID 2526583) directing directly to this survey 2. The survey 1 is personalized, and I set survey 2 as anonymous in order to avoid "code" problems in the URL.
BUt then How can I "link" respondent's answers in survey 1 and in survey 2 ?
(I tried to add #lfdn# in the hyperlink to survey 2, but when I export data, respondent's lfdn is different in survey 1 and 2. And "external_lfdn" is set at "0" in both export files. Can I integrate the respondent's code of survey 1 in the hyperlink to survey 2?)

(2) In order to avoid problems of linking the respondent's answer from survey 1 to 2, I created an external survey page that brings to survey 2. And I'm trying to make the hyperlink calling this external page. BUT (a) What form should have this URL in order to work? (I copied the URL of the external page that is seen for a respondent, I erased the sysid, sid, etc. But it is not working, message error. I tried doing "page-URL/?#code#" but it is not working...); (b) how to make this page visible only to those who click on the hyperlink "quit" (or button)? (May I create a user-defined variable that have a value when the hyperlink is clicked? Then I can use it to filter the "external survey page").

3) generate a pop-up window when he cilcks on "quit"? But I don't know if I can integrate questions and recover data...

Thank you very much.

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