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[Info] Export failed in project \'Bijwerkingen medicijn gebruik(pid: 396791)\'
I'am using Unipark for a couple of months now, and I think it is a great instrument to use.

However, at the moment I have some problems with exporting the data into SPSS. When I choose the following options:

1) Data (all answers, formats e. g. SPSS, CSV, fixed format, Quantum, MS Excel...)

2) SPSS (labeled data file in SPSS binary format)

I receive the following failed-message:

Export of loop data in project 'Bijwerkingen medicijn gebruik' did not find anything to export. No data available for export matching the specified criteria.

Previously, I did not have problems with it and using the Excel function still works.. Please, can you tell me what is going wrong and more importantly, how this can be solved?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Sieta de Vries
PhD student
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