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Dear Merel,

lots of stuff to read

Let me sum this up and see if I got it right:

You are looking to do two things-

1. Having a way to match participants from Survey 1, 2, 3 and 4
2. Inviting participants after a certain time for the next survey in line

Also, your participants are putting in their email adress in the first survey.

Is this correct so far?

If so here's step by step what was suggested so far:

First you'll need a URL-parameter in Survey 2,3 and 4 which will store the email-adress, so that participant's data can be matched later. You won't need this in the first survey.

Let's say the links to the Surveys are

1st survey: http://unipark.installation/uc/firstsurvey

2nd survey: http://unipark.installation/uc/secondsurvey?a=

3rd survey: http://unipark.installation/uc/thirdsurvey?a=

4th survey: http://unipark.installation/uc/fourthsurvey?a=

and the variable storing the email-adress is v_1.

At the end of the survey, you can use a mailtrigger, to invite the participants to the next one.

In the mailtrigger, set up your email, and use the corresponding link. For the first survey (in the fictional environment described above) inviting for the second one that would be:


In the second survey, the information the placeholder #v_1# (email-adress) will be stored in the URL-Parameter (by default p_0001) of the second survey. In the mailtrigger of the second survey, you'd thus have to pass on the Information stored in the URL-parameter.

The invitation link in the second survey, inviting for the third one would thus be:


and the last one would be


Last, you'd have to set the dispatch date of the mailtrigger to:

Dynamically upon activation of the trigger

and choose the preferred time.


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