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Invite code no longer working! - In a panic
Installation: ww3.unipark.de
Project-ID(s): 399951
Account name: catterall

What is my request [short but precise description]:
I have an active survey. Until now, it seemed to be working as it should. However, I'm experiencing major problems now.

In particular, I was inviting participants using a link that contained both the survey web address and code. This was generated by the survey software using this code: #code_complete#. This had worked previously, however, it is now directing participants to a page that asks them for their unique access code. This is happening even with links that I know worked previously (in March). Can anyone advise me on why this has happened and what I can do to fix it? I recently sent out hundreds of reminder emails (using the same links as before that worked) that now are not working.

What I have done so far to help myself:
I had tested preivous links that successfully directed participants to the start of the survey - these now direct the participant to the access code page. I have tried generating a new link using the same procedure again with no luck.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated - starting to panic. I would appreciate a quick response as participants are starting to contact me.

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