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Why is there a difference between "quota count" and "Number of surveys that meet ...?
The columns "quota count" and "Number of interviews which meet the quota condition" may show different values because different calculations form the basis of them.

Column "quota count" is a basic counter which will be increased everytime a participants meets a quota condition. If you delete or reset a participant from the sample/participant administration which already was counted in a quota, column "quota count" will not be corrected but still will have the same value. Column "quota count" only will be reset to 0 if you compile the survey. As well changes made in the survey during field phase can falsify the value of column "quota count".

Column "Number of interviews which meet the quota condition" directly gets its value out of the database. A database query is used to select all completed interviews in combination with each quota condition. The result then will be shown in this colum. That means if you do an export of the project and restrict the data to disposition codes 31/32 (completed) and each of the quota IDs, you exactly will get the same values of rows as shown in column "Number of interviews which meet the quota condition". This column therefore will show the correct value of participants which met the quota condition.

If you have different values in these columns, you should check if * your quota conditions and configurations are set correctly for your needs * if you deleted or resetted participants without compiling the survey * if you forgot to compile the survey before going into field phase * if changes were made to the survey during field phase * if you used button "recalculate quota"

All these steps may lead to different values in the mentioned columns.

You can correct the quota statistics after(!) the project has finished and no longer is in field phase by clicking on the button "recalculate quota".
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