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I would like to work with a language that is being read from right to left.
Please go to Layout -> Pro Editor. At the bottom you will find the CSS file. Create a copy of that file and open the copy. Add the following code:

direction: rtl; Please add this at the following position: body,font,p,div,td,th,ul,ol,li,nobr,select,input,option,textarea,dt,dd,span { font-size : 13px ; direction: rtl; } rtl means right to left. To make this copy of the CSS file accessible for the customers, you have to add a condition to the main.tpl, which is also available through the Pro Editor. The condition would have to look like this: {if $res->u_language==LANG_ID} <link rel="stylesheet" href="{$baseurl}css/copy_of_layout.css"> {else} <link rel="stylesheet" href="{$baseurl}css/layout.css"> {/if}
- copy_of_layout.css is the name of the copied CSS file, which has to be adjusted to the filename you have chosen accordingly.
- $res->u_language==2 refers to the language of the participant. The number 2 is the language ID, which you can access at Project properties -> Survey languages. In my example arabic is language ID 2.
If you are using a language selection page to let your participants chose their language you would have to replace u_language with the corresponding variable.

This condition has to replace

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{$baseurl}css/layout.css">
within the template. Then you would have to change the Character Set at Project Properties -> Survey messages to UTF-8.

In addition to this you have to adjust the directional instructions within the CSS file. align:left would be align:right and so on.

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