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Why am always being quoted out?
Was the survey tested in preview mode?
In this mode it is not possible to test or fill a quota, you are always assigned quota=0.

Which settings are chosen for the quotas and is it possible that participants are meeting several quota conditions?
Maybe the participant is meeting the conditions for a quota that is already filled and the option "If matching quota is full, do not allocate participants to any quota (quota=0)" has been set.

Has a page been chosen as quotation page (only relevant for internal quotas)?
If this is not the case, the quota condition are not being worked through and the participant won't be assigned to any quota and thus always has quota=0.

Is the quotation page at the right position within the survey?
Any variables relevant for the quotation have to be filled before or at the quotation page. If some variable are position after the quotation page, the quotation won't be executed correctly.

Are the quotas being drawn at several positions in the questionnaire?
This isn't supported and might lead to unintended behaviour and false allocation of the quotas. Quotas should only be drawn at one position.
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