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Scale mix-up in translations
Hi, here is my big problem:

-Project-ID(s): 346383
-Page-ID(s): 2125486, 2125487 and all similar pages in subsequent filtered pages (variables EO, RV)
-Account name: adurand
-What is my request: I have created an English questionnaire, exported it in .xls using the language editor function, and imported back the translated questionnaire in French, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian. I have noted that the scales in the French version contained mistakes (some were displayed as undefined, others with items from other questions selected as part of the scale). The scales do not appear in the exported .xls file. So, I then corrected manually (very lengthy and time consuming) by changing the language by default to French. This worked until I changed again to correct the scales in Spanish and realized that the same errors were then appearing in the English version which was correct before.
-What I have done so far to help myself: 1. I have copied the project (ID: 353976) and suppressed all the languages but English. Then I have recreated the French language, exported the questionnaire, reimported the French translation, same problem occurs. 2. I’ve sent out the questionnaire in English only to pretest it but really need help to also send out the questionnaire with the 5 language options.
-Browsers I used: Mozilla Firefox
-Templates changed? I have built this questionnaire from scratch.

I need to finalize my questionnaire in 5 languages asap with the right scales and I do not know how to. It is quite urgent. Please help?

PS: I have noticed that the .xls file exported through the language editor contains 286 lines (the first 286 lines) from another project of mine. It is obviously a bug but did not seem to affect the imports of translated versions of the questionnaire so I did not care too much but maybe it does it and could explain the scale mix-up?
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