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Passing Participant's Code as URL Parameter
For a University psychology research project I am creating a Unipark survey which I plan to combine with an online experiment.

The experiment runs on php on our web server.

At the conclusion of the survey I have a link to the php site. I want to link users' unipark data with the data generated in the php application by passing the participant's unipark code onto the webserver as a URL parameter:

Is it possible to create a dynamic external link within Unipark using the participant's code as an URL parameter?

(I'm attempting to create the link in the Descriptive Text 998 Text and HTML code template)
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Hi gcaves,
if you are referring to the code as shown in the participant administration (if you are using a personalized survey) this can be passed on via #code#, but if I recall correctly, this wildcard can only be used in invitation mails and a few other situations (I'm not perfectly sure here though).

Instead you could also use the participant's consecutive number with the wildcard #lfdn# to match the datasets.


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