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Not able to see the «Participant Administration»

I'm currently using v10 and I doing a Perzonnalized survey.

In the «Survey Menu», i'm missing the options «Mail queue», «Mails templates» and «Participant Administration».

I've been looking around for hours in the options, triing to add those options in the «Survey Menu», but I still don't know what to do.

I tried changing Browser by switching to IE10, Chrome and FireFox, but it does not change anything.

I really need «Participant Administration» option to complete correctly my survey.

Can you help me out with that problem ?

Do you thing it's a problem related to the acess given by my Administrator?


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Dear ecyrlemieux,

was your account created by someone at your university (chair-license) or directly through unipark? In the first case you should contact whoever created your account as there seems to be a problem with your account rights.

In the latter case, please tell me your account name, so I can take a look at the rights situation.


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