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mixed phone-email survey : linking data and invitation
Hi everybody,
-Project-ID(s): 234124
-Account name: dorian_litvine
-What is my request [short but precise description]:
Sorry for being long, my demand seems a bit complex... I'm driving a mixed-survey, administered to firm managers : a phone survey which is completed with a personnalized web-survey (email invitation) if managers refuse to answer by phone. Surveyers may use unipark as a web-support for the phone interviews, by filling answers directly on internet. Both versions are then very close (the phone web-assisted version and the direct-to-managers version).

My problem is to manage the association between both version. Each phone-interviewer has a list of firms (.xls) to be contacted with the firms' profil : ID, name, phone number, manager's name, etc. But we don't have any email address yet.
1) I need to generate at least 1 link per firm (participant) and add this link on the interviewers' "profil sheet" so that they can click on it to start the web-assisted phone survey. I added the firms as participants ("integrate a code" and copying the firms' ID). Unipark created the accounts. But now how can I (a) integrate the firms' profil data we have (phone number, firm's and manager's name, etc) into each unipark-account created ? OR (b) export a sheet composed with the firms' unic ID AND the generated survey links (and copy them into the profil sheet for the phone-surveyers) ?

We need to send the email invitation frequently, as soon as we gathered few emails (= refusal to participate by phone). On the "web-assisted phone version", I propose interviewers to fill-in a first page with data useful for the email email participant administration (a variable if the manager refuse to participate by phone (=email invitation to be sent) + his/her email address +…)

2) I want to integrate these data in the email invitation via wildcards (template). But how to do this automatically seeing that these data are results of the web-assisted survey (these are not external data)? I need to export these result-data, and add them to the profil data of the firm-participant unipark account in order to send the email invitation.
Note : I could ask interviewers to write these new data directly on the firms' profil sheet (not on the web-assisted phone version) and then integrate this sheet into unipark to generate codes and make the invitation. But we might not wait the end of the phone period to send the emails (which means several sheets integration along the the way…) AND I would like to create an automatic management of the email invitation, not too long by hand.

3) We need multiple links per firm. Indeed if unic, the firm-participant status code will be "already invited" (used) as the interviewer clicked on it to start the phone survey but stopped because the person refused by phone. I need one link for the phone, another for the first email invitation. But then if the manager accept to answer, we then ask for another contact in the firm, and would like to send him an invitation also. So here we need another link…

Thank you veru much
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