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Place Marketing, S. Zenker/ T. Gollan/ N. van Quaquebeke, 2009
The empirical study "Place Marketing: How the war for talents is won with values" analyzes Richard Florida’s concept of the “creative class” (2008). According to Florida, the key driver for economic growth in today´s knowledge industry is the creative elite of a society. These people are attracted most by the values certain regions represent. For cities it is thus imperative to understand what values they are representing and what values they should represent in order to be attractive for the creative class.
In an effort to provide first empirical evidence for Florida’s hypotheses, we undertook a large scale field study in Germany using the values circumplex model by Schwartz et al. (2001).

The study shows that regional migration, i.e. participants’ decision to stay in or move to a city, is dependent on the discrepancy they perceive between their own value profile and that of their city’s typical inhabitant. Altogether, our research thus highlights the importance of values as an important factor to consider in place marketing efforts.

If you want to learn more about the study, click here
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