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Elderly people as a homogeneous group of adopters?, L. Dogruel, 2009
The study “Elderly people as a homogeneous group of adopters?” focuses on
analysing influencing factors on the adoption and appropriation of media and technological devices by people over 50 years.
Within the research field of adoption and media reception processes, age is seen as a crucial influencing factor to account for differences in media and technology usage patterns. Studies have demonstrated that the appropriation of elderly people differs more or less distinctively from younger people. As those studies focused on the analysis of different age groups, they exclusively considered age (and socio-demographic attributes that go along with it) as influencing factors for the media and ICT appropriation. However, these rather vague categories cannot explain the different adoption and appropriation patterns of ICT by elderly people. The present study aims to explain varying ICT adoption and usage patterns within the segment of elderly people. Beside socio-demographic factors, further theoretical constructs that account for attitudinal and psychological dispositions that may affect the ICT appropriation were identified. To test the explanatory power of these additional predictors, an explorative online survey study with people over 50 years (N=153) was carried out. While socio-demographic and attitudinal (“domain specific technology acceptance”) as well as psychological constructs (learning profile, perceived self efficacy, technophobia) served as independent variables, their influence on ICT adoption as well as different media usage patterns (mobile phone and computer) was tested. Results indicate, that the provision of these further variables, lead to a higher explanatory power of the model. It could be demonstrated further, that with the exception of the “domain specific technology acceptance” as general influence factor, different psychological influence factors for the dependent variables were significant predictors.

Learn more about the study by contacting the author of the study Ms. Dogruel:
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