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slider display is not working, urgent...
Dear community, Hi,

I have a problem with a slider question. It is urgent because I need to send the questionnaire monday july 25th.
-Project-ID(s): 234660
-Account name: dorian_litvine
-What is my request [short but precise description]: concerning a slider (type 341 / question ID n°2495775, page n°1296697), when I do a preview (any preview: question, page or questionnaire), Unipark is not displaying the real scale options I saved+ lines are not above numbers + the initial point is nowhere...
And sometimes, I even see an old version of the slider (with old values..)

What I did to help myself : I changed nearly everything in the question options... I tried everything I think. When I change it to "vertical slider", then it works...

Thank you for your help !!!!

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Dear le_doux,

have you cleaned your browser cache afetr making the changes to the questionnaire/slider question?

Sometimes layout changes or changes within a question can not be seen due to an older survey version being stored in the cache. When previewing the survey the page then will be loaded from the cache instead of being loaded directly from the server.

Then you will see an older version.

You can work around this by cleaning the cache of the browser manually via the browser menu or by pressing <ctrl>+ <F5> on your keyboard.
The page then will be reloaded but the data will be loaded from the server directly and not from within the browser cache.

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