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Linking Multiple Questionnaires
Dear Questback Contributor(s), I need some help !

Since a couple of weeks I'm enjoying the Unipark software but I work with multipele questionnaires and I have encountered some difficulties.

The setting is as follows:
Participants: prengnant women
Setting: ultrasound at 13 weeks of gestation and 20 weeks of gestation
Questionnaires: 4

Questionnaire 1: before 13 weeks of gestation (0-2 weeks)
Questionnaire 2: after 13 weeks of gestation (0-2 weeks)
Questionnaire 3: before 20 weeks of gestation (0-2 weeks)
Questionnaire 4: after 20 weeks of gestation (0-2 weeks)

Normally we would invite these women on a personalized basis, by emailadres. But since the process of getting their emailadres in time (before the 13 week ultrasound scan) is too slow, we think it is better to invite them by an anonymous link.

- by inviting women by an anonymous link does the computer automatically generate a code which can also by used as a variabele to match a person? Or do I need to send along a registration number?
- in the first questionnaire women are asked to fill in their emailadres, name and birthdate to link questionnaire 1, 2, 3, and 4 to each other. Is it possible to link these 4 questionnaire longitudinally in time? Or do you need to do this manually by creating a participants database?
- it is possible to send notifications by email, but can this be done only per questionnaire or can this also be linked longitudinally in time?

Thank you in advance!!!

Greetings from Holland,

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