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Leadership competencies, M. Bluemke, T. Bipp, R. Steinmayr, M. Heine, 2010
Leadership competencies:Probabilistic test development and initial validation of the German translation of the Adaptive Leadership Competency Profile (ALCP)

We analyse the psychometric properties of the German “Adaptive Leadership Competency Profile” (ALCP; Sherron, 2000) for assessing broad leadership competencies. Based on analyses of job requirements of several companies and in accordance with multiple leadership theories, it contains 11 competency scales. Scale- and item analyses demonstrated Rasch homogeneity in the first study (N = 311). As a first indication of validity, all scale means discriminated between executive managers and members of staff. An 11-dimensional Rasch model was used to explore the latent correlations among the person parameters.A second study (N = 124) reports on the significance of ALCP competencies for work success. Except for two scales, all scales differentiated between managers and staff. In addition, 8 scales correlated with the annual revenues. On account of Rasch homogeneity, both the German (and the American) ALCP-scales allow the assessment of global leadership competencies in different hierarchical levels, work contexts, and international organisations.
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