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Linking participant - exported data
Dear Unipark professionals,

I have a question:
For my study I use a questionnaire which I have developed using Unipark. Besides this questionnaire, I have additional information of each participant (collected via other methods). Previously, I linked this information with the Unipark exported data using the 'date_of_last_access' information for the participant that is registered in the exported data, but which was also avaible at the participant administration page. For me, this worked perfectly because I knew which data belongs to which participant and therefore it could be linked to my additional data.

Currently, this information is not available anymore at the participant administration page. Although it is available in the exported data, I do not see any other options to link the exported data to a participant.
My question is if it is possible to show the data of last access data also again at the participant administration page, or if there are other options to link the data to participants.

Thank you in advance for your reaction.

Kind regards,
Sieta de Vries
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Dear Sieta,

I can't remember when date_of_last_access was available in the participant administration, at least it wasn't in EFS-Survey 8.2.

If it isn't available by default, I don't think that there's a way to change that.
Question is, how much data are we talking about? If it isn't much, you could save it in user defined participant variables.

Which data is gathered first, the Unipark one or the external one?
If Unipark is gathered first, you could add the LFDN of the participant to the external data, if the external data is gathered first, maybe there's some sort of identifier you could save in the aforementioned variables.

If you are using a personalized survey, you could also request the rights for the combined adress- and results-data. This way, the export would show you the participant's name together with the gathered results. As this is connected to privacy data security issues, please contact to get access to this feature.

Best regards,
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