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James Simpson
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Modification of the questionnaire during the field phase?
Do I have the possibility to modify the questionnaire during the project is in the field?
Do anybody have any idea?
Regards from England,
James Simpson
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Thijs Bijsmans
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Hi James,

Although a questionnaire is in the field, you could modify it.

But you have to be aware of the following issues:

• In general, questionnaire texts could be modified. But you have to ensure that you do not modify the text in a way that a question or an item looses its meaning.
• If you delete a question, all data which is linked to this question will be deleted as well.
• Ex post changes of the structure of a questionnaire are also possible.

Nice regards,
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Barbara Maleckar
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I want to modify a considerable amount of my questionnaire after the pilot phase while some participants might be simultaneously taking part in it since I have been advertising it online already for the pilot. I remember from one of the previous manuals that there is the option to pause the questionnaire a bit while you are doing the corrections with a sign Under construction. However, I can't find this in Unipark 8 manual.

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Dear Barbra,

you could deactivate the survey for the time you are editing it and before doing so, you could edit the field "The desired survey is not active at present." under project properties -> survey messages to display something like "this page is currently under construction"
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