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creating a question-battery loop
Hi everyone,

we would like our respondants to answer the same set of questions for each "mentor" they have had while studying. So for example, if the respondant chooses "2" from the drop-down menu as the number of mentors they had, we would like them to answer they same set of questions for each of their mentors.

We need the program to understand that "2" means we want the question-battery to be repeated twice, and "3", three times and so on.


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Hi Henrik,

as I don't know how your survey is set up I'll stick to general advises for now.

If the respondant choses from a list of mentors, you could have the checked items (mentors) put into a dynamic list which feeds a loop that contains your mentor-related questions.

Instead of this (if you just want the respondant to go through the loop x times, whereas x is defined through a pulldown menu) you could use a user defined variable counting up by one for every loop run, which then leads out of the loop when the user-defined variable reaches x via a pagetrigger.

If that didn't help you so far, feel free to provide your ProjectID, PageID and installation (www, ww2, ww3) you are working on.
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